WHEN BEAUTY SURPASSES TECHNOLOGY:-A few months back I came back home after spending a long day in the office. It felt good to be home, in my own personal space. Since I had, had a few snacks in the evening so I just made a cup of chamomile tea for myself and climbed to the bed. I switched on my yellow lamp, opened the drawer on my bed-side and took out my Grandfather’s Travel diary. The diary contained the stories of his travel experiences and the ink was still as fresh as he had left it three years back.

I opened up the diary to my favourite poem (needless to mention that I had read the diary several times before) in order to escape to a new dimension. I read to myself the most interesting paragraph from the poem.


कुछ देर ठहर और जीवन की सरलता को समझ,

नशा तो उगते हुए सूरज की रौशनी में है,

ताकत तो उस हवा की लहर में है जो तुझे छू जाती है,

असीम आसमान के निचे क्या है तेरी शक्शियत?

समुन्द्र की विशालता के आगे बेजान है तू!

This got me thinking about the experiences of people travelling in those times. How they documented everything in the form of stories and poetry. Yes, the same stories we feed our soul on today and get inspired by. And then I thought of how our generation is missing on all the beauty and the lessons which we should embed into our skins but are not able to because we are so engrossed in technology that even when we reach on top on a mountain we are worried about the fact that our phone has no signal. Technology has overpowered us so much that we fail to appreciate the aerial view from a mountain top but are of course willing to risk our lives by taking a daring selfie from the same spot. When did this happen? When did technology surpass beauty?


I urge to you as a fellow traveller to ditch technology for a while and experience the richness of your travel. For when you will see beauty surpass technology then you will realise that Travel is not just about clicking pretty pictures to upload on the social media but more about implementing the soul stirring lessons which travel offers, into your life and making life rich. So on your next travel let Beauty surpass Technology while you capture the moment in words or engrave it in your memory and let the beauty of nature, the five elements of which compose you leave its impressions deep into your bones.

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