Top 10 Best Roommate Pranks Ideas | Funny Things To Do With Roommates

Top 10 totally harmless but hilarious pranks to play on your PG’s roommate

Top 10 totally harmless but hilarious pranks to play on your PG’s roommate

Top 10 Best Roommate Pranks | Funny Things To Do With Roommates:-Life in a PG is always full of laughter, smile, and sunshine, as your friends are always there to keep you entertained with their gossips. But life is not that awesome without that extra hint of spice, isn’t it? So what can you do to bring in the taste of spiciness into your life in the PG? Well, one thing can be that if you have a PG with free WI-FI, then you can stream or download some thriller movies online. But what if we tell you that you can bring some thrill to real life? That would be awesome, don’t you think?

And one way to go about it is to play some harmless pranks on your roommate. Imagine the look on your roomie’s face when you will prank him. Trust us, it is going to be major fun, so without further ado let us have a look at the top 10 pranks which you can play on your roommate. (Read them all before your roommate does and become the ultimate prankster.)

DISCLAIMER:Top10bhojpuri is not responsible for any broken friendships or fights. (Just kidding, these pranks will only strengthen your friendship with your roommate. After all, friends are supposed to play pranks with one another all the time. )

Funny Things To Do With Roommates

Top 10 totally harmless but hilarious pranks to play on your PG’s roommate
Top 10 totally harmless but hilarious pranks to play on your PG’s roommate

Funny Things To Do With Roommates

Waterfall door

What you need: Disposable glasses, brown tape, water.

Note: This prank only works if your door opens to the inside of the room.

Step 1: Take multiple disposable glasses. Their number will depend on the height and width of your room’s door.

Step 2: Now tape the glasses firmly row by row on your room’s door.

Step 3: Fill them up with water.

Step 4: Wait for your roomie to open the door from the inside and watch him get soaked in water.


Salty toothpaste

What you need: Salt, a funnel, your roommate’s toothpaste.

Step 1: Squeeze out some of the toothpaste from the tube to make room for the salt.

Step 2: Put the funnel in the mouth of the tube and add salt to it.

Step 3: Cover the opening of the tube with some of the toothpaste which you squeezed out.

Step 4: Wake up in the morning to your roommate shouting with a mouth full of salty toothpaste.


Make it snow

What you need: Talcum powder

Step 1: With the help of a table or chair add loads and loads of powder to the wings of the ceiling fan.

Step 2: Keep you mobile in the right place in the room so as to capture the video.

Step 3: You can watch how your roomie gets covered up with ‘snow’ when he enters the rooms and switches on the fan right away, once you get hold of the recording on your cell phone.


The OLX add

What you need: A laptop and an internet connection.

Step 1: Place an ad on OLX that claims to sell any of your roommate’s possessions. (Car, iPhone etc.)

Step 2: Keep the selling price of the product extremely low.

Step 3: Enter you roomie’s phone no. in the space that says ‘Add owner’s no.’

Step 4: Your roommate will keep on receiving the calls until you take down the ad.


The haunting voice

What you need: A recording device

Step 1: Take your recording device (your mobile will also work) and in a deep voice record the following line multiple times – “They are coming for you”

Step 2: Add some dark background music.

Step 3: Once your roommate goes off to sleep just close the lights, hide the device near his bed and hit play.

Step 4: When he wakes up to the scary voice and wakes you up too, pretend that you’re not hearing any voices.


Oily shampoo

What you need: Hair oil, your roomie’s shampoo bottle.

Step 1: Remove some of the shampoo from the bottle.

Step 2: Add hair oil to it.

Step 3: Listen to your roommate complain about how oily his hair have become lately.


Multiple alarm clocks

What you need: 5-6 alarm clock or mobile phones with alarms.

Step 1: Set the alarm for different times on the devices.

Step 2: Hide them at various spots in your room.

Step 3: Let your roommate sleep alone in the room while you go and sleep in your friend’s room.


Fake insects

What you need: A number of fake insects.

Note: Now this prank is a cliché but it always works.

Step 1: Wait for your roommate to go to sleep.

Step 2: Once he has slept, shower your fake insects all over his body.

Step 3: Wake him up to witness the horrible sight.

Step 4: Enjoy the show.


Shaving cream on the face

What you need: Shaving cream or whipped cream, feather.

Step 1: Wait for your roommate to fall off to sleep.

Step 2: Place large quantities of shaving cream /whipped cream on his palm.

Step 3: Tickle his face with the feather.

Step 4: Watch him smear his face with the shaving cream /whipped cream as he reaches to rub his face.


Soda explosion

What you need: A cold drink bottle, Mentos, fishing string, a pin.

Step 1: With the help of the pin make a whole in the centre of the Mentos.

Step 2: Pass the string through it and tie it up at the end.

Step 3: Open up the soda bottle and carefully place the Mentos just beneath the cap.

Step 4: Tighten up the cap of the bottle so as to fix the place of the Mentos and cut the extra part of the string hanging outside.

Step 5: Offer the cold drink to your roomie.

Step 6: As soon as he opens the bottle, the Mentos will fall inside and create a magical cola fountain.



Do try these pranks on your PG’s roommate and let us know about it in the comments below. Also, if your life is missing all this fun and spice then join today and bring back happiness to your life.

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