Vijay Kumar Of Film Babbar Became A Hero From Zero Full News

Vijay Kumar Of Film Babbar Became A Hero From Zero Full News: Bhojpuri film “Babbar” against corruption is ready for a performance, the post-production work of this film has been completed, this film will be released soon. According to this, the producer of the film Vijay Kumar, along with the Vijay film producer, is also a well-known businessman. His business is spread from Lucknow Mumbai to Thailand.

Vijay is originally from Siddharthnagar. They give it to their parents and also give it to their goddess behind their success. Victory from zero to hero tells that hard work and hard work Not arrived at the best place in today’s society Victory is playing the lead role in the film “Babar” is vastly different from the film common Bhojpuri films away from masala movies. It is an action-packed clean film against the current corruption.

Vijay Kumar Of Film Babbar Became A Hero From Zero Full News
Vijay Kumar Of Film Babbar Became A Hero From Zero Full News

“Babbar” director Chandan Upadhyay’s earlier hit Bhojpuri movie “Awara Balam” shot under the banner of Viraj Films Entertainment was a romantic and action film. He has shot the action-packed film “Babbar” against corruption for the first time. In it,

tremendous effects have been put on the lines of Bollywood. Produced in collaboration with Uttar Pradesh Film Bandhu, producer of the film Vijay Kumar Gupta told that the film has been shot in Lucknow and Mumbai.

The film “Babbar” has an item number, romantic and emotional songs along with the wedding song. In this film, actor Arvind plays the lonely Kallu hero, popularly known as ‘Rabba Ishq Na Howe’, called Emraan Hashmi of Bhojpuri films. His elder brother is played by Vijay Kumar Gupta.

The film stars Tanushree and Mohini Ghosh. Tanushree and Arvind Akela’s duo “Awara Balam” has already hit the film. The villain will have Sanjay Pandey and Brijesh Tripathi will also be seen in a pivotal role.


Sanjay Bhushan Patiala, the promoter of the film “Babbar”, told that the sweet music of the film has been given by Avinash Jha Ghungroo. The songs of the film are written by Manoj Merathi, Munna Dubey, Sumit Chandravanshi, Ajit Mandal. The script of “Babbar” is also by Chandan Upadhyay and the dialogues are written by Rajesh Pandey. The action film is directed by Heera Yadav.


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